Proven Impact

In the 15 years since the Rise Youth Development Program's inception, we’ve seen a ton of positive changes. Without the Rise Program, fewer than one in 10 poor, rural kids in Guatemala will graduate high school. WITH a Rise high school scholarship from Cooperative for Education, 9 out of 10 do. That’s great news, since we know that it takes 12 years of education to get people out of poverty.

The program has a proven effect on attitudes toward gender equality. Surveys show that the longer students are in the program, the more they value gender equality. Meanwhile, students in the same schools who aren’t in the program actually look less favorably on gender equality the longer they’re in school.

We’ve also seen some awesome positive results in our graduates’ lives:

9 out of 10 program graduates either continue their studies or get a job, mostly in the formal sector.

95% of graduates who have worked got jobs that they couldn't have gotten without a high school degree.

91% of graduates have influenced their younger siblings to stay in school, and half are even paying for their education.

This ripple effect extends beyond the girls themselves, extending the positive results of an education across many generations.