The Rise Youth Development Program

formerly known as the Scholarship & Youth Development Program

How It Works

A Cooperative for Education (CoEd) Rise sponsorship does so much more than provide the basic financial support to keep girls in school. Our Rise Youth Development Program includes an academic scholarship, innovative support services, and youth development activities that revolutionize the way girls think about their futures.

First: The Basics

Financial support provides the core of every Rise sponsorship, which covers needs like:



School Supplies

But there’s so much more!

Second: The Bubble Wrap

Financial support is crucial, but it’s not enough—not in rural Guatemala, where tons of outside forces stand between girls and graduation. So the second step in Rise wraps a protective bubble of support around the girls in the program to ensure they can make it safely to high school graduation:

Bubble wrap Youth Development final

Finally: The Future

Now that the girls have the financial and social support they need to stay in school, it’s time to focus on their own dreams for the future. Many of our Rise scholars come from situations that make it hard to imagine doing anything besides subsistence farming. But the agricultural sector doesn’t pay very well: most subsistence farmers in the areas we work live on $2-$3 a day—well below the poverty line. Kids in Guatemala need to complete at least 12 years of school to be able to permanently break out of poverty, according to USAID.

CoEd’s Rise Youth Development Program gives girls the capability to imagine a brighter future—and the tools to achieve it—through the activities pictured below. Surveys show that the program boosts students’ attitudes towards gender equality. Including a small percentage of boys in the program ensures that the next generation of Guatemalan men see the value in gender equality too.

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