Be a Padrino


Be a Padrino

The Thousand Girls Initiative is bringing Cooperative for Education’s Rise Youth Development Program to a thousand girls, but what happens after the program arrives? Each class of 10-15 students needs a Padrino (the Spanish word for “godparent”) to make sure the program can continue in a comprehensive, sustainable way.

What is a Padrino?

Padrinos are a beloved part of Guatemalan culture. A bride and groom’s Padrinos play an important role at their wedding, and schools will often appoint a Padrino for a graduating class. Within CoEd’s program, your donation of $5,000 per year makes you the Padrino for a class of 10-15 Rise scholars in middle or high school.

What's the difference between a Padrino and a Rise Sponsor?

While the Rise sponsor pays for direct costs to keep a student in school like tuition, fees, uniforms, etc., the Padrino helps make our program possible beyond just the basics, supporting expenses such as program development and evaluation, support staff and supplies for program staff, and the process of matching each student with a sponsor.