Rise to the Occasion

Rise to the Occasion: A Simple Fundraising Party Hosted by You!

While August is back-to-school time in many countries, too many kids in Guatemala can’t afford to go back to school. So on the weekend of August 10-12, CoEd supporters around the globe will Rise to the Occasion by hosting simple gatherings of friends and family who may be interested in helping these kids stay in school.

All donations will go to support the Rise Youth Development Program, which helps kids in dire circumstances rise above the obstacles they face, stay in school, and break the cycle of poverty!

You can follow the step-by-step guide below to host a simple, low-pressure get-together in person or even online.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Pick your party idea.

• Throw a party in your home,

• Fire up the grill and have a barbeque,

• Host a pool party,

• Invite your friends to a dinner or happy hour, or

• Plan a game night!


Already busy August 10-12? Host an e-party instead!

Step 2: Invite people!

You can even download this PDF invitation or this Microsoft Publisher invitation. Make sure your guests know ahead of time that there will be a fundraising aspect to the party.

Let CoEd know you’re going to host a party by emailing elizabeth@coeduc.org! You can also ask if there is a CoEd staff person or representative near you who can come to help answer questions.

Step 3: Set a fundraising goal!

You’re taking the time to host the party—make sure it’s a success! Set a goal for your party and create energy and excitement by making an initial donation yourself or challenge your friends by pledging to match the donations from the party. If that seems daunting, ask a fellow supporter to go halfsies with you or ask a local business for a match.

You can:

1. Set a dollar amount goal. Make a poster board thermometer and have guests color it in as they make donations!

2. Set a goal of sponsoring X number of students.

$80 sponsors a student for one month (not matched with specific student)

$480 sponsors half of a student’s school year (matched with a student)

$960 sponsors a student for a year (matched with a student)

3. If you have a different idea for your goal, let CoEd staff know how they can help!

After you choose your goal, download this donation card for goal #1 or this donation card for goal #2 and print enough for all of your guests.

Step 4: Plan your party pitch.

Did you just cringe reading that? Don’t worry! This pitch is more like tee-ball—you just have to set the ball on the tee and your guests can knock it out of the park!

Here’s how:

• Plan to talk to the group for about 5-10 minutes. Your best window is about 30-45 minutes into the party.

• Tell your connection to CoEd and why you are passionate about helping students in the Rise Youth Development Program!

• Play this video about the Rise Program.

• Have you been on tour? Tell them about your most memorable moment.

• Let them know the goal for the party!

• Invite them to visit the table for more information (next step).

• Point out any CoEd staff or board members who guests can go to with questions.

• Close by asking your guests to consider making a gift to help students in Guatemala reach their dreams and potential! Simple and low pressure.

Step 5: Party set-up

Set up a table or specific area for your guests to learn more about the Rise Program and make a donation. Here are some things you may need at the table:

• Brochures (email elizabeth@coeduc.org to request) or fact sheets (download here)

• Photos of specific students in need of sponsorship (email elizabeth@coeduc.org to request) or of general students in the Rise Program (download here)

• Laptop with the Rise Program video pulled up for viewing

• Envelopes

• Donation cards (download link in step 3)

• Pens

• Basket for completed gifts

• Thank you gifts


No further instructions, your honor.

Step 7: The After Party

• See if you reached your goal!

Contact CoEd to let them know how it went.

• Mail in the pledge cards and donations the CoEd office at:

Cooperative for Education
2300 Montana Ave, Ste 301
Cincinnati, OH 45211

• Relax and stay tuned for the overall results from the Rise to the Occasion weekend!

Ready to Rise?

Let us know you’re interested in hosting by emailing elizabeth@coeduc.org!